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Protect and secure your assets under a regulated digital asset and escrow agent

Who We Are

BalanceGroup OÜ is a regulated digital asset service provider, online stock transfer agent, escrow agent, and a market-leading digital custody service provider.

Our Vision is to create a new model for record keeping that meets the needs of growing companies. We can handle any technology challenge, and provide flexible solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

Our solution provides a safe and scalable platform for all blockchain assets and designed to integrate with client`s core infrastructure, and a leading crypto asset custodial service.

Our cold storage is ensuring that 100% of assets remain secure.









Our Services

We are a regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange and Crypto Wallet company, operating a Crypto asset exchange through IW World Exchange division. We manage both physical and online shares, and pride ourselves on secure and safe management.

New Stock Issuances and Stock Transfers

Maintenance of Shareholder Registration

Full Digital Storage Of Transaction Records

Dividend Processing & Distribution

Replacement of Lost Stock Certificates

Corporate Actions (name change, stock splits, etc.)

Transfer Agency & Registrar Services

At BalanceGroup, we serve as your strategic partner, adding value through high-level consultative services and integrated execution of stock transfer agent services including complete share registry management, compliance risk reduction, and shareholder engagement.

Initial Public Offering Services

We understand that successful IPOs depend on careful planning, with clear timelines and consideration of even the smallest details. As your IPO advisory partner, we will guide your company through its entire lifecycle, from your start as a private company, through the IPO planning process, and then as a publicly traded company.

Private Company Services

Our team will support our customers throughout the development of their companies, offering guidance and support during the private stage and IPO planning process, and continuing to serve as a trusted partner once the company has gone public.

Debt Trusteeship Services

Integral to debt financing is a clearly delineated understanding of the terms of a deal, including issuer obligations, and compliance responsibilities. With our Corporate Trust Services, we ensure this level of understanding. We have the experience to properly carry out all duties and responsibilities of an indenture trustee.

BalanceGroup Custody

Institutional-grade crypto storage
Store and manage your digital asset with the most secure institutional-grade storage. BalanceGroup is a regulated and licensed fiduciary and custodian. Supporting more than 27 assets with same day withdrawal and instant trading capability from offline storage.

$250 Million in Custody Insurance Coverage
BalanceGroup custodial services is insured by a licensed insurance company based in Bermuda. This insurance solution gives BalanceGroup custody $250 million in insurance coverage.

BalanceGroup Clearing

Electronic Clearing
Our trusted solution for fully electronic clearing and settlement of off-exchange crypto trades. BalanceGroup allows two parties to settle trade off the order book. We acts as confirming third party in pre-arranged transactions. This is to ensure settlement while mitigating counterparty risk.

Both parties in a transaction are subject to KYC and AML requirements, ensuring validity and security on both sides of the transaction.

Speed and Safety
We facilitate major cryptocurrency trades immediately. Both parties are fully funded for the asset movements to clear.

Anonymous Settlement
Transaction details in known only to counterparties. Trade details will not be published on any market data feed.

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BalanceGroup OÜ is fully licensed and regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange and Crypto Wallet company, registered in Estonia/EU/EEA under registration number 14454667. Read more here:

Cryptocurrency Exchange License number: FVR000431
Cryptocurrency Wallet License number: FRK000353

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