About Us

We are a Cryptocurrency Exchange and Crypto Wallet company, registered in Estonia under registration number 14454667.
BalanceGroup OÜ has a current Cryptocurrency Wallet License number under FRK000353 and Cryptocurrency Exchange License number under FVR000431 registered at the Majandus- JA, Kommunikatsiooni- Ministeerium in Estonia

BalanceGroup OÜ operates a Crypto asset exchange through its IW World Exchange division.

The country of Estonia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy that has been among the fastest-growing in the EU. Estonia ranks very high in the Human Development Index, and performs favourably in measurements of economic freedom, civil liberties, education, and press freedom (third in the world in 2012 and 2007).

Estonian citizens are provided with universal health care, free education, and the longest-paid maternity leave in the OECD. One of the world's most digitally advanced societies, in 2005 Estonia became the first country to hold elections over the Internet, and in 2014 the first country to provide e-residency.

The Estonian government has been testing blockchain technology since 2008. Since 2012, KSI Blockchain technology, developed by Estonian-based company Guardtime, has been in production use to protect Estonian governmental data registries such as the national health, judicial and legislative systems, with plans to extend its use to other spheres such as personal medicine, cybersecurity and data embassies. Incidentally, KSI is used by NATO and the US Department of Defense.